Lessons on Building Technology

As CTO at Workio, I’ve spent the last 12 months building a SaaS platform that is very nearly ready to launch.  It’s been a hugely interesting and exciting journey.  Tougher in many ways than I expected, frustrating at times, but I’ve met great people, learned a lot and its been highly rewarding.  Feeling grateful, I thought […]

Purpose in the Driving Seat

car driving towards rainbow

People don’t go to work just to earn a paycheck, at least not for long. I appreciate that sounds like privilege, but in the upwardly mobile, fast-paced and highly competitive world we now live in, we need to recognise that the reason people turn up to work is because they care. Why do people care?…

Trump Got Served, By Women!

Trump VS Women

As per the BBC News report yesterday, the Democrats took control of the House of Representatives but the Republicans have retained control of the Senate.  What does this mean?  Well from a political point of view, it means the country is now even more split, with key geographies such as Texas, Indiana and Dakota remaining […]

Change, Reinvention and Pluralism

Change, Reinvention and Pluralism

Well goodbye old, hello new. Today I thought it was probably about time I shared what I’ve been up to recently and some plans for the future. Workio Ltd — Where I am joining Kieron Faller, as the Co-Founder/CTO to help build what we hope will be the next big thing in people science. The brainchild […]

Company Culture Lessons – Six Months In

woman reading

At Workio we engage with many companies and industries, at all levels, in discussions and analysis about company culture. We’re fortunate to have such a broad overview. This being the case, and since we just past the six months trading milestone, we thought we would pause for breath to share some of what we have […]