A Great Place To Be From

The Netflix Culture Deck (now in updated form on their website) is a common touchstone these days, for companies who are keen to create high performance cultures. One of the key tenets of Patty McCord, former chief talent officer for Netflix and co-author of the infamous Culture Deck, is that companies should aspire to be […]

Workio and enei partner to crack the code of inclusive culture

Company culture startup and UK employers’ network pilot culture measurement tool Organisations can now measure in detail how they are performing on equality, diversity, and inclusion in their culture.  The Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion (enei) have launched a pilot project in collaboration with Workio, a startup which measures and advises on organisational culture, […]

Red Deer & Workio

Workio helped identify culture issues as Red Deer grew, suggested actions to make improvement, and measured positive results created by management changes Ciarán O’Brien, Lionel Real de Azúa and Lucas Che Tizard founded their architecture and design practice Red Deer in 2013 as three friends who had learned their trade working together at another fast-growing […]

Workio Slackbot – Work In Progress

Workio Slack Integration

We’re really excited to share some work in progress with you – we’ve made some big steps forward in building the Workio process into a Slack app, so you or your colleagues can answer the Workio questions either in our app or in Slack itself. The super cool thing from a technical point of view […]

Your Team For 2020

Culture is a Sport

As it’s a new year, many of us are joining gyms, going on runs, playing more sport, being more active.  It’s partly about atoning for the excesses of the Christmas period – paying penance for our sins of gluttony and sloth – and partly about wanting to be our best selves in the future. And […]


Company Culture Subtle

The turning of a new decade is the right time for fresh thinking about work. While a certain sub-bubble of Twitter has spent the Christmas period arguing about the wisdom of working 80 hours a week to achieve success, I think it’s time, at this point of reflection on the past and hope for the […]

Synapse, Away and Swedbank – Culture’s Consequences

Synapse Away Swedbank

A quick recap to start with: Synapse, a Silicon Valley fintech company backed by respected VC firm Andreessen Horowitz in their latest fundraising round, is being sued by three female former employees for gender discrimination, as reported by Bloomberg. Away, a seller of suitcases and bags to millenial instagrammers, moved their CEO to executive chair days […]

How Not To Talk About Company Culture

Company Culture is NOT about PingPing Tables

There are right ways and wrong ways to talk about company culture. Here’s a little list of the top five “don’ts” of talking about company culture: 1. Culture Is Not Your Stuff Company culture is not your juice bar. It’s not your onsite chef. It’s not your table tennis area. It’s not the slide in […]

WeWork Isn’t Your Sugar Daddy Anymore

WeWork Company Culture Sucks

Anyone starting a business, especially in tech, faces the big question around the start of their journey – to try to find investment, or to bootstrap and generate revenue from customers early on? It’s certainly something we’ve wrestled with at Workio – being a SaaS tech company with a strong product vision and team, and […]

Opening Up To All

Workio Open to All

We’re very excited (and a little nervous) for Workio’s new app to be up and running. It’s been a journey, which our CTO Allan Stewart expertly laid out in this blog on the building process. I want to talk about how our new product helps employees and employers, with a bit of history thrown in. […]