Reducing the Divorce Rate for Mergers

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It’s a sad truth that one in three marriages end in divorce, but this looks like a blazing success rate when you realise that two out of three mergers and acquisitions fail.

Revolution Required

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Revolut’s tough month is all down to their company culture, which is clearly a problem area for the company. Kieron Faller takes an overview of the issues and potential solutions.

Accelerating into 2019


So our last blog post was a very broad look back at 2018, and it’s time to look ahead with focus and gusto to 2019. We’ve been busy setting up a big start to the year in our mission to unlock the power of company culture. Without further ado, here are the details: Workio’s big […]

2018 in Review: It’s the System

So, 2018 has been a crazy year for many reasons. Deepening political collapse across much of the developed world, economic ups and downs leaving stock markets down on the year as a whole and seemingly heading into our next downturn, climate-related issues such as the raging California wildfires, further #MeToo developments particularly in the context […]

Google needs Workio


Last week, almost lost in the now-normal insanity of the news cycle, the New York Times ran a damning story about sexual misconduct by senior executives at Google. While the headline focused on Andy Rubin, father of Android, the rest of the story lays out a pattern of high-ranking male executives having ‘consensual’ relationships with […]

Wage Slaves No More


As the employment market continues to tighten in developed economies, we will see the balance of power shift from employers to employees. Companies need to change how they work to make themselves employers of choice for workers. These issues are explored in this week’s edition of The Economist (22nd September 2018), in their regular column […]

Human culture

Human Culture - Melanie and Me Swimming 1978-9 by Michael Andrews 1928-1995

This morning my wife and I took some time to go to see All Too Human, the exhibition at Tate Britain in London. As Ricardo Semler says in his TED Talk from 2014, “We’ve all learned how to go on Sunday night to email and work from home. But very few of us have learned […]

Everyone has a story

Everyone Has A Story

We’re only a few months into life at Workio – we make work better by helping organisations design and build their workplace culture, and hire for culture fit using data. But even during this brief time a strong trend has become clear. Whenever we explain to someone what we’re doing there is always a story […]

Helping the helpers

Workio Does Charity

At Workio, we care about the communities in which we operate and the world in which we live. We know that there can be no business success in the long term without well-functioning civil society and a planet which is habitable for us now and in the future. As a result, we are pleased to […]