Revolution Required

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Revolut’s tough month is all down to their company culture, which is clearly a problem area for the company. Kieron Faller takes an overview of the issues and potential solutions.

Gender Pay Gap – The Culture Dimension

Gender Pay Gap

Last week, on 4th April, we saw the deadline for UK companies with more than 250 employees to report on their gender pay gap. The Economist reported (“XX > XY”, The Economist, 7th April 2018) an average median pay gap of 12%, although certain industries and companies had much larger gaps. The data reported is […]

Red Deer and Workio

Red Deer and Workio

Ciarán O’Brien, Lionel Real de Azúa and Lucas Che Tizard founded their architecture and design practice, Red Deer, in 2013 as three friends who had learned their trade together whilst at a medium-sized firm. For their own practice, they wanted to take a more personal approach to design, and create an environment within the company […]