Culture is complex

Using Workio’s innovative company culture model, we have helped companies recover from culture problems, optimise their culture across distinct demographic groups within their employee base, and foster a strong culture which improves retention, productivity and performance.

Consulting to make is easy and drive company performance

We design, plan and deliver company culture programmes and interventions alongside our clients to achieve defined cultural aims, using our proprietary company culture model and adding bespoke additional services and approaches relating closely to the scope and objectives of our client engagements.

Interested?  Real below some of the specific packages we are offering.


Culture Deep Dive

Know your culture with clear, detailed view using our complete, quantitative model

Discover differences between teams or departments, seniority levels and work location

Address diversity with analysis of culture fit for different genders, age groups, and ethnic backgrounds

Improve retention through understanding the drivers of employee churn

Change Management

Assessing the current culture in organisational units

Planning for desired end state for the unit culture

Designing interventions and behaviours to effect change from current culture

Supporting clients in implementing interventions and cultural behaviours

Tracking outcomes and iterating to achieve sustained change

Post Merger Integration

Actively managing the multiple cultures in the organisations as they merge

Use culture to achieve the positive outcomes envisaged in the deal

Avoid talent exodus by protecting the culture of the acquired company as you integrate

Track the success of your culture integration going forward

Catch early warning signs of problems