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Understand more about your own fit

Use our standardised model to measure your own fit with your workplace environment and culture. Consider what matters to you most and how your workplace matches your needs.

Help your organisation hire great colleagues for you

By providing anonymous data to Workio, your organisation can see what kind of workers are a good match for the organisation and can use that insight in hiring decisions

Compare organisations to find the best fit for you

Match your preferences to the experiences of other Workio users in other organisations to check if your current organisation is the best fit for you, or whether there is another in your relevant industry and location that would suit you more.

Learn more about what drives you

Workio will help your self awareness, unveiling details that perhaps you always suspected but never quite knew how to explain.

Be happier and more successful at work

Based on decades of academic research, learning more about your culture preferences and putting this knowledge into action with your working decisions will lead to better outcomes for both your self and your employer.

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