Our Mission

Make work better

This is our mission because it is a win-win-win for individuals, organisations and society.

Make work better for individuals:

Getting individuals into a workplace culture that fits with their needs and desires enables them to be happier at work every day. This is a significant benefit to the individual themselves in terms of reduction in stress and unhappiness, and aligns individuals and the organisations in which they work.

Make work better for organisations:

Getting the right individuals working together in the right way is a significant benefit for organisations. With a more engaged and aligned group of people working within them, organisations will be more successful in achieving their own goals and working towards their missions. By avoiding hiring people who are a poor cultural fit, organisations also avoid unnecessary internal disruption to their teams, and reduce direct and indirect spend on recruitment by doing it well first time.

Make work better for society:

Organisations being more effective and individuals being happier at work provides multiple benefits to society as a whole. Generally happier people working in teams where they feel a fit means less stress, less unhappiness, more productivity, and more effective organisations. A better functioning recruitment market in economic terms means a better allocation of resources among organisations, rewarding those with stronger cultures and enabling them to achieve more.