Our Values

Be open, honest and authentic

Workio is a space where every member of the team can and must be open, honest and authentic. No member of the team will be made to feel unsafe in expressing themselves by any other team member, and as such everyone is required to be open, honest and authentic at all times. Lack of openness, honesty and authenticity holds us back as a team and is actively discouraged.

Dream big, act now

Our ambitions are big, and our actions are urgent. In order to make progress towards our long term goals we must take concrete actions every day to chip away at them. Sometimes we will be working with a pickaxe, sometimes with a jackhammer and sometimes with a toothpick, but we can and must make progress every day.

Think beyond

We don’t just think about the immediate effects of our actions, but instead we think beyond them. We think about how our actions will impact all stakeholders (users, clients, Workio team members, shareholders, and broader society), across at least a 10 year timescale. We think through first-, second- and third-order impacts of our decisions and actions.

Go deep not wide

Be focused on what you as an individual are trying to achieve. Your focus helps the Workio team make progress on our larger scale goals. As a team we also need to be focused on a small number of key activities and projects in order to be effective. Diffuse action kills companies.

Use the scientific method

Create a hypothesis, design an experiment to test it, run the experiment, assess the results. If successful then move forward with the proven hypothesis. Otherwise, create a new hypothesis, design an experiment to test it, and so on.

We know that living these values will not be easy for all Workio team members, particularly in the initial period after they join the organisation. We also know that we will each face challenges in continually acting in accordance with these values and it is the responsibility of all of us to maintain and strengthen the adherence to these values by other members of the team, in an open way.