We Believe

People are not all the same

'Talent' does not exist without context. Workers are not innately talented in such a way that they will shine equally in all workplaces. Individuals will respond differently to different environments.

Organisations are not all the same

There is no such thing as a 'best place to work'. Each organisation has a culture and ways of working which suit some people but not others.

Matching people and organisations is not easy

'Do they have the skills to do the job?' is not the only question to be asked in finding the right people to work for an organisation. We should also ask 'Do they have the right approach to work well with us?'

Rigorous data provides actionable insight

Data should be quantitative, consistent and objective, where possible. Based on decades of academic research into person-organisation fit, Workio collects data in a structured way, enabling organisations to hire for culture fit using data.

Improving the day-to-day experience of work is vital

Better fit between the person and the organisation means that employee churn and rates of absence will decrease, and employee engagement and productivity will increase, improving the effectiveness of businesses and the lives of workers.

For Workers

For Organisations