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Give up the guesswork about company culture

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Want to upgrade your company culture?

Workio gives unique insight and a prioritised plan to enhance performance

What is Workio

  • A tool to help you make better decisions about your people and your company culture
  • Precision insight zooming in on key issues for key groups of employees
  • Drive retention, engagement, diversity, and performance
  • Integrated into the work flow tools you already use, like Microsoft Office and Slack
  • PhD organisational behaviour made practical
  • Web app built on Google cloud tech

What is Workio

  • Understand your employees - an online survey about employee preferences and experiences of work.
  • A scientific model - that compares the two and highlights issues, for key groups of employees.
  • Actionable insights - a prioritised road map of recommended actions to help your company move closer to its ideal culture.
  • Full dashboards - All your data available to view in online interactive dashboard that you can use as you wish.
  • Instant access - no software required, simply ask your team to sign-up for free and start improving your company culture today.

The Benefits

Better Culture, Better Performance

Culture Drives Performance in People, Teams and Companies


Better engagement, retention and diversity

Stop the post-acquisition brain drain and maintain the value of acquired teams with clear data and insight on culture

Happier, healthier and more productive teams

The right people working together in the right way means reaching your goals and happier teams in the process

Better outcomes and higher performance

Research shows that customer service improves and sales increase with a strong company culture

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