Workio SaaS Product for Company Culture

Make culture your competitive advantage!

Workio is a web and mobile app that makes gathering information from employees on company culture easy

Featuring a unique, academically validated model for measuring company culture,  Workio helps you really understand your employees and their various needs and wants

Workio for Companies

Workio for Companies is our premium tool allowing designated administrators to see company wide results, break them down and view improvements over time.  Workio for companies is for businesses who want to understand, map, and improve culture.

  • View company wide results
  • Deep dive based on age, gender, ethnic background, seniority, location, department and more
  • Actionable insights to improve your culture
  • Better diversity, lower churn, higher engagement and productivity
Workio Breakdowns
Workio Mock Up UI

Workio for Web and Mobile

Workio is currently available as a web and mobile app including data gathering, analysis, and results dashboards for individual employees and company managers. You can get started today for free, and gain access to company level. aggregated results by signing up as a paying customer

Workio for Workflows

We know some users don’t want yet another tool, yet another login. Don’t worry, we hear you… which is why we are working hard to bring Workio to the products and tools that you already use.  We’ll be launching these new integrations soon!

Workio for Slack
Workio Facebook Messenger
Workio for Facebook
Google Duplex
Workio for Voice
Workio Chatbot Interface in Slack

Workio for iOS and Android

Workio is a web app, meaning you can install it on your phone just like any other app and it is fully responsive.  We aren’t currently planning native iOS or Android apps, as our focus is on delivering the best possible company-ready application integrated with as many as possible of the tools you already use