What is Workio

Workio is a Web and Mobile app that makes gathering up information from employees on company culture easy.  Featuring a custom built AI chat bot that interacts with teams on their own terms.  Workio helps you really understand your employees and company culture.  Workio is a precision tool which zeroes in on specific issues and suggested improvements for specific groups in your organisation.

Workio for Web and Mobile

Workio is currently available as a Web and Mobile App. Whilst this is great an means you can get started today we know that another login can be a pain. Due to this our goal is to integrate Workio into all the things you already use.

Workio for Workflows

No more logins PLEASE!  Don’t worry, we hear you… which is why we are working hard to bring Workio to the producs and tools that you already use.  We’ll be launching these new integrations soon!

Google Duplex

Workio for iOS and Android

Workio is a web app, meaning you can install it on your phone just like any other app and it is fully responsive.  We are considering creating a version for iOS and Android, but for now our focus is on delivering the best possible enterprise application integrated with as many of the tools you already use as possible.